Workout of the Day

A:Teams of 2
20 cal Ski or row
rest 5

B:20 Minutes for a max load of:
– Squat Clean
– Squat Snatch
– Strict press
– Deadlift

A:6×4 Front Squats

B:AMRAP in 12 minutes
25 Goblet Squats (16/24 Kg)
3 Handstand Push-Ups

25 Goblet Squats (16/24 Kg)
6 Handstand Push-Ups

Continue adding 3 reps to the HSPU per round

A:5×6 Touch and go Power Cleans

B:For Time
2,000 meter Row

Every 2 minutes, perform:
15 Sit-Ups

A:7×3 Jerks

10 2xKB Thrusters
40m 2xKB OH walk
10 2xKB dead lift
40m 2xKB OH walk

A:Back Squats

B:For Time
50 calorie Row
40 Abmat Sit-Ups
30 Wallballs

A:Snatches (DB)
Slowly build to a heavy 1+1 single (one rep on each arm)

B:3 rounds
10 Single DB OH walking lunges/leg
10 mountain climbers/leg
10 situps

A:For Time
40-35-30-25-20-15 cal Ski Erg
20 Thrusters (30/42,5 Kg)

Time Cap: 25 minutes

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